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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Horticulture & Food Processing

SASMIRA scheme for Agro Textile


    - By Ministry of Textile, GOI, New Delhi in co ordination with SASMIRA, (The Synthetic & Art Silk Mills Research Association) Centre of Excellence for Agro- Tech, Mumbai.


    Although a large number of horticultural crops like vegetables, flowers etc. are widely grown in Assam, farmers are not getting proper price because of low quality of the produce which is for lack of marketing facilities, storage facilities and diversified climatic conditions prevailing in the state. But the protective cultivation can improve the quality of the produce and farmers can earn more as it reduces the sunburn damage to crops and evaporation losses of irrigation water as well as the menace from birds and pests.

    Agro-Textiles are using in farming, Horticulture and in other sectors to control the hazardous influences of environmental and climatic factors on crop production, regulate nutrient level intake and assist in process of post harvest management. In order to promote and increase the usage of Agro-Textiles in Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and other allied activities the Ministry of Textiles, GOI has formulated a scheme for Promoting the Usage of Agro-Textiles in North Eastern Region with two components.

    Components of the Scheme: There are two components:-

    1. Creating awareness and setting up of Demo Centre- by-CoE, SASMIRA. Under this component, already four nos. of Demonstration Centres have been established in the state under supervision of SASMIRA .
    2. Distribution of Agro- Textile Kit to the beneficiaries.
      Under this component Ministry of Textiles, GOI is providing Agro-Textile Kit to the beneficiaries at 90% subsidy and remaining 10% is to be borne by the beneficiary. One beneficiary can avail benefit up to a maximum of Rs. 5.00 lakh( Five Lakhs) only. The Agro-Textile Kit comprises of different components like Shade Net House, Crop.
      Cover, Ground Cover, Vermi Compost Bed, Pond lining , Hail Protection Net, Bird Protection Net etc. The farmer can choice any combination from the components under the Agro-Textile Kit. Dovetailing with the existing State Government Scheme may also be considered by AMC for the supporting expense of 10% of cost for the Agro-Textile Kit to be borne by the beneficiary.

    Implementing Agency:
    Office of the Textile Commissioner, (OTXC), Mumbai.
    The Textile Commissioner is the NODAL OFFICER & Implementing Agency.

    State Level Project Monitoring & Implementation Committee, (PMIC):

    This committee comprises with Nine members headed by the Secretary, Agriculture Deptt., Assam, Dispur, Guwahati-6 as Chairman. The terms of reference of the PMIC is as specified in the detail operational guideline. Other Members in the State PMIC are as follows-

    1Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department, AssamMember
    2Executive Director, SASMIRA, CoE, Agro-TextilesMember
    3Director of Horticulture & F.P. Assam.Member
    4Director of Research, AAU, JorhatMember
    5Director of Extension, AAU, JorhatMember
    6ADO/Farm In-charge of concerned Horticulture FarmMember
    7Shri Maheshwar Choudhury, Assistant Director & Officer 
    I/C of Regional Office of Textile Commissioner, Kolkata

    Apex Monitoring Committee, (AMC):

    This committee comprises of seven members, headed by The Joint Secretary, Technical Textiles, Ministry of Textile, GOI, Udyog Bhaban, New Delhi, as Chairman. Other members are as stated in guideline. The terms of reference of the AMC is as specified in the detail operational guideline.

    Procedure to avail Agro-Textile Kit:

    To avail Agro-Textile kit, a farmer must undergo training on the use of Agro-Textile for cultivation of horticultural crops which will be conducted by SASMIRA, CoE, Agro-Tech, Mumbai in coordination with Directorate of Horticulture & Food Processing, Assam and the Officer in charge of the Agro-Textile Demonstration Centre. The training will be conducted at any Demonstration Centre of Assam. Then the farmer has to apply in prescribed format given by the Ministry of Textile, GOI which will be available either in the training hall or in the Directorate of Horticulture & F.P. and submit it to the State Nodal Officer of the scheme of the Directorate. After that the SNO will verify the applications and relevant documents and submit to SASMIRA, CoE, Agro-Tech, Mumbai for selection which will be approved in the meeting of Project Monitoring and Implementation Committee (PMIC) in Guwahati. Then SASMIRA will sanction as per their fund provision for Assam after observing all formalities.

    SASMIRA scheme for Agro Textile
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