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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Directorate of Horticulture & Food Processing

Bee Keeping Scheme

  • In order for pollination support to horticultural crops, Govt. of India provides assistance in Bee keeping under Mission for Integrated Horticulture (MIDH) scheme. The details of the scheme may be highlighted as below:-

    Pollination Support through Bee-keeping-

    • In order to maximize agricultural production, honey-bee can be used as an important input. The responsibility of coordinating the bee-keeping development programme in State will be vested in the identified State Designated Agency (SDA) or any institution/society having capability. National Bee Board (NBB) will be responsible for coordinating beekeeping activity in states.
    • Assistance will be available for activities on development of nucleus stock of honey bees, bee breeding, distribution of honey bee colonies hives and bee keeping equipments (Annexure V of MIDH Guideline).
    Bee Keeping Scheme
    Cost Norms of the Scheme194.08 KBswf-image
    Annual Action Plan & Guidelines for Implementation of Integrated Development of Scientific Bee-keeping (IDSB)195.27 KBswf-image