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Marketing of Horticulture Produce

In simpler term Marketing is a process of commercial transactions of Buying and Selling. This is however neither true nor simple as that. Horticulture, includes cultivation of fruits, vegetables, ornamental, foliage trees and shrubs etc. Horticultural fresh produces after passing through different phases such as harvest, loading, unloading, Grading, Packaging, Storing etc. lend up in markets for dispersal to consumer. The entire marketing process includes functions of Production Planning, Production and dissemination of Market information, financing of markets and their administration, the activities of marketing intermediaries, the provision of training and extension to individuals and groups involved in marketing, and research activities etc.

Importance of horticultural crops is felt all over the world for which Horticulture in Assam is also rapidly rising. The marketing of horticultural crops is complex and risky due to their unique of conditions. Because of their high perishability, seasonability and bulkiness, horticultural crops require special care and attention in providing time, form and space utilities which in turn adds to the marketing costs. The other important problem in marketing horticultural crops is the prevalence of imperfect market structure for these commodities mainly due to a few traders in the business. These two factors have great bearing on the marketing system influencing the ultimate prices realised for these commodities by the growers. These aspects should receive high priority in order to improve the marketing system for horticultural crops. The marketing of these crops poses problems because of high seasonality and perishability of the crops. In addition, the production centres are often localised and are far remote from the concentrated urban centres of consumption. This necessitates quick and efficient methods of transportation as well as proper packaging system. A number of bottlenecks and problems are faced in handling horticultural crops at present. The crude and age-old methods of picking, packing, transportation and handling leads to a colossal wastage of the valuable produce variously estimated between 20-30 percent of production. Besides, a substantial quantity of produce does not find market for fresh consumption because of its comparatively low grade and goes waste which otherwise could have fetched good price if properly culled, processed and marketed.

Marketing channels for horticultural crops:

The Common Marketing Channels for horticultural crops in Assam are:-

  • Grower - Forwarding Agent - Commission Agent - Retailer – Consumer.
  • Grower - Grower’s representative - Retailer – Consumer.
  • Grower - Wholesale merchant - Retailer – Consumer.
  • Grower - Pre-harvest contractor - Commission Agent in assembling market - Commission Agent in distributing market - Retailer - Consumer.
  • Grower - Commission Agent - Wholesaler - Retailer – Consumer

The prevailing marketing system is traditionally dominated by the traders. The producer seller continues to be the weakest link in the chain. This system is unfavorable to the farmers yet it exists due to the absence of infrastructure and improper management coupled with lack of market intelligence etc.

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